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Providing SAP Ariba customers in EMEA with opportunities to trade with companies on an industry-specific network

SAP Ariba and Swisscom have partnered to connect Ariba Network and Conextrade, the leading Swiss procurement platform.

Conextrade is a preferred network for many Switzerland-based companies as it connects them to a digital platform to process their business transactions in compliance with local laws and in accordance with Swiss security standards.

By connecting the SAP Ariba global network with Conextrade, companies can continue to operate in their preferred platforms while bringing the entire procurement process, including the order-to-cash process internationally, into a unified system.

The connection between networks enables suppliers to reach new buyers while keeping procurement operations in an established and preferred, but now connected, system. At the same time, buyers gain access to new suppliers through the connection.

By partnering with networks like Conextrade, SAP Ariba provides its customers with opportunities to trade with companies on industry-specific business networks and in different geographies. Additional integration capabilities and industry-specific protocols and formats are also made available.

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