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Enabling SAP Ariba buyers to seamlessly transact with suppliers integrated with Elemica’s network.

Founded in 2000, Elemica offers a leading, end-to-end digital supply network in the petrochemical industry that enables manufacturing enterprises to automate, accelerate, and move transactions.

Elemica solutions connect the world’s leading manufacturers to thousands of their direct material suppliers, logistics service providers, and customers. Our clients use our digital supply network to automate and see the products they buy, sell, move, and manage the quality of through their supply chains.

Our cloud-based network ensures our participants an efficient, scalable, and secure connection. Our platform is the result of years of innovation in B2B integration and has evolved into a network that is agnostic to any data source and capable of complex data enrichment.

Using our solution accelerates your digital transformation by introducing frictionless business processes that enhance revenue growth, support new business models, reduce operating costs, and free up working capital.

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