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Support is just a click away

The help center is available whenever you log in to SAP Business Network to do business as an Ariba Network supplier. Access it via the panel on the right-side of your screen when you first open the Ariba Network page.

Frequently asked questions, video tutorials, support documentation, and more about the task you’re performing are presented in a concise, easy-to-understand format. Choose in-application viewing or click to full-page display for access to additional resources, popular tags, and more. Keep the help center in mind whenever you are engaged in:

  • Looking for sales leads
  • Managing orders and invoices
  • Participating in a sourcing event
  • Creating proposals
  • Collaborating on contracts

And if you need it, you’ll find options for reaching SAP Ariba Customer Support and getting support directly from our Ariba Network experts.

Quick Links to Resources

An abstract illustration of the Ariba Network showing connections between buyers and suppliers
Reset Your Ariba Network Password

Follow these steps to create a new password – or recover your username – and get back to exchanging contract, sourcing, and supply chain documents and information with your customers.

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Ariba Network suppliers have many online sessions to choose from
Supplier Success Sessions

New to Ariba Network? Register for these webinars and demos with live Q&A. Topics include Ariba Network, registration, light accounts, auctions, RFI/RFP, invoicing, and more.

Find a session
A smiling man looks at a digital tablet while standing in front of an office window.
SAP Ariba Customer Hub

SAP Ariba online guide to learning resources, support channels, and more.

SAP Ariba Customer Hub
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