Jon Stevens

Global Senior Vice President, Business Network and Payments

At SAP Ariba, Global Senior Vice President Jon Stevens leads the Company’s strategy for business network and payments, including Ariba Network, Quadrem Network, and b-process solutions. 

Jon joined Ariba in 2002 and has extensive software and technology experience, having built and led successful global supply chain teams that have delivered sustainable, bottom-line results for a range of Fortune 500 companies. Under his leadership, Ariba Network has grown to become the world’s largest business commerce network, where millions of trading partners conduct nearly $1 trillion in annual commerce. Jon also leads the Company's electronic payments offerings, including SAP Ariba Payables, which has won awards as one of the Most Disruptive B2B payment solutions.

Jon holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Miami University and an MBA from Vanderbilt University. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and seminars on cloud technology, business networks, supply chain strategy, and alliance management.