CPO Rising 2016: The Art and Science of Procurement Webinar

Available only from SAP Ariba

Get the big reveal. Listen in as Andrew Bartolini, chief research officer at Ardent Partners, unveils the key findings and highlights from his CPO Rising 2016 research study in this world premiere presentation. This annual state-of-procurement report takes a penetrating look at procurement mastery in the age of innovation, when procurement leaders are identified as those who can tap into both their right- and left-brain skill sets to match quantitative analysis with insight and experience.

Listen in to this recorded webcast to learn…

  • why finding more savings is no longer procurement’s top priority
  • how to benchmark performance against best-in-class
  • what strategies and approaches will improve operations and results


Andrew Bartolini, Chief Research Officer, Ardent Partners
Emily Rakowski, Global Vice President, Audience Marketing and Demand Management, SAP Ariba 

Associated Documents: You can download your copy of the webinar presentation using a link you'll see under your video viewer.