ePayables: Higher Ground: Best-in-Class Performance

With businesses increasingly looking to their accounts payable (AP) group for costs savings and improved performance, automation is seen as the number one strategy to cut processing costs. But according to Ardent Partners, eliminating paper-based processes is only the first step.

Based on the experiences and perspectives of 175 AP and financial pros, Ardent Partners’ research sees AP beginning to go beyond cost-cutting by adopting and modeling best-in-class performance. This chapter presents solutions, strategies, and insights to help AP reach that performance level, including…

  • how best-in-class operations cut their invoice exception rate in half
  • which technologies are used by high-performing groups to cut invoice processing costs by 82 percent
  • how collaboration between procurement and AP drives efficiencies and improves performance

This is a 14-page chapter. You can download the full 40-page report here.