Goodbye to Business as Usual: Infographic

Part of a series on the Future of Procurement, by Oxford Economics

Find out how procurement is changing and why old ways of working and measuring performance will no longer get the job done. Take a look at this infographic to learn more about Oxford Economics’ survey of over 1,000 procurement executives and non-executives. You’ll see why and how Procurement must make fundamental changes to day-to-day operations and adopt new ways of tracking performance.  

Is your procurement organization ready to say goodbye to business as usual? See what the numbers have to say about…

  • seven trends that are having a significant impact on procurement operations
  • four skills that executives say are most difficult to find vs. the percent of practitioners who say they are proficient in those skills
  • the top three KPIs that executives and practitioners use to measure success
  • a major disconnect between KPI usage and value at many companies