How to Empower the Modern Digital Buyer

A Procurement Leaders webinar, featuring Accenture

Who is the buyer in a modern organization and how can procurement make it simple and straightforward for them to get what they need? In part, the answer lies in clear and carefully managed processes, in part it lies in having effective tools that put the power in the hands of the user. Watch this webinar replay for a discussion about how procurement can provide buyers a simple, elegant buying experience, combined with smart guidance and procurement guardrails in place. You’ll hear:

  • Examples of where businesses have transformed the function to align their procurement strategy to meet the needs of customers
  • The challenges and opportunities of introducing tools that can give buyers decision-making power
  • Insight into ways governance can be combined with technology to control and influence buying, without being a restraint for business partners


Patricia Miller, Source to Pay Strategic Technology Programs Owner, Accenture

Lalitha Rajagopalan, Vice President, Products & Innovation, SAP Ariba

Steve Hall, Director of Content and Community, Procurement Leaders

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