Leading Beauty Retailer is Driving a Supply Chain Makeover and Controlling Spend with SAP Ariba

Striving for supply chain excellence? Then automate and streamline your supply chain, using the increasingly powerful Ariba Network. You’ll achieve real-time end-to-end visibility, agility, collaboration, and more. Just like this leading beauty retailer.

With its legacy EDI network, they could not easily link orders and invoices to contracts to enforce compliance. In addition, they could not effectively manage key transaction documents, which made it difficult to track orders and shipments, and process invoices. With SAP Ariba, the customer is now achieving…

  • real-time visibility into orders, order confirmations, and advance ship notices  
  • automated three-way matching to drive straight-through invoice processing  
  • optimal inventory levels for retail locations, store expansion, and two fully automated distribution centers