Monitoring Ethics Deep in the Supply Chain

How to gain better visibility into the risks that may be lurking in your supply chain

More than ever, consumers are paying attention to what goes on in the supply chains of the companies they buy from. Slavery exists in supply chains, as does huge amounts of waste and pollution amid a welter of unethical activity.

The problem for those further up the chain is knowing where these activities happen, where the vulnerabilities are, and what the business can do about it. Meeting that challenge means marshalling information about suppliers, having clear policies, and creating better visibility of the risks and performance in the supply chain.

It’s only in recent years that procurement has had the power, both in terms of influence and in terms of technology and data, to make a deep impact in this area. Listen to this webinar replay to learn what that will mean for the future of the function.

The panel will discuss:

  • The techniques that leading organizations are using to trace activity deep in the supply chain and track CSR failings
  • How procurement can combine policy with policing to make sure it is proactive in combating ethical issues in suppliers
  • The opportunities open by technology and data-sharing


Justin Dillon, Founder and CEO, Made in a Free World

Padmini Ranganathan, Vice President, Products and Innovation for Knowledge solutions, SAP Ariba

Steve Hall, Director of Content & Community, Procurement Leaders

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