Structuring Global Procurement

Similar to Finance, Procurement is increasingly centralizing both strategic and operational activities to gain more control over spend.

Trying to manage this on a global scale is no easy feat. Someone with years of experience doing so is Tamara Braun, chief procurement officer at SAP. With her background in finance leadership, she now heads up a global procurement team overseeing SAP’s entire source-to-pay process.

Watch as Tamara describes the structure of SAP global procurement and shared services. You’ll learn details about SAP's end-to-end source-to-pay process as well as the challenges Tamara faces, including the impact of supporting the needs of 80,000 employees, managing billions in spend, and working with thousands of suppliers.

Included are poll results from leaders within some of the most important companies in Europe. You’ll see that behind all the processes, systems, and tools, people are the key to success.

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