Supplier Risk is Your Risk. Are You Prepared?

A Solution Deep-Dive, Sponsored by SIG

What really increases your risk of supply chain failure these days? How about the boosts you’re seeing in multi-location sourcing? Or frequent changes in regulation? Not to mention the ever-changing business climate and environment.

You should watch this webinar replay to see if you can get a better handle on all that.

You’ll hear from Deloitte Consulting and SAP Ariba experts as they share their in-depth knowledge, insights, and risk management strategies, providing perspectives on how you can…

  • develop a comprehensive view of supplier risk with new capabilities in predictive analytics, network-based insights, and sub-tier visibility
  • apply enhanced supply chain visibility to take proactive, risk-avoidance measures
  • adopt the latest best practices in successful supplier risk management

Heres another good question you might ask yourself as you hover over that Watch button:

What have I got to lose?