The Future of Procurement: Infographic

One survey, two perspectives – by Oxford Economics

To see what the future holds in store for your profession, take a look at this new infographic. You’ll get a snapshot view of key takeaways from a recent Oxford Economics survey of more than 1,000 procurement executives and practitioners from around the world. Find out what your peers are saying about how procurement is becoming more strategic, collaborative, and technology-driven than ever before. You’ll get these fast facts – and more – to share with your colleagues …

  • 50 percent of procurement practitioners believe procurement will get smaller – or be absorbed into other areas of the organization
  • 61 percent of procurement executives say owning the supplier relationship is driving change in the procurement function
  • 56 percent of practitioners indicate they are satisfied or very satisfied with their jobs – higher than the average satisfaction rate for all employees in SAP’s Workforce 2020 study