The Rewards of Best-in-Class Contract Management

An Ardent Partners report

Close the gap between sourcing and contract management and you’re on the road to best-in-class contract management, the rewards of which are many. These include …

  • more spending on-contract (much less maverick spending)
  • up to 40 percent less savings leakage
  • lower risk of missing deliverables or contract milestones
  • faster contract cycles
  • more efficient contract tracking and administration

High-performers accomplish these things with cloud-based solutions and tools that provide …

  • a centralized, searchable contract repository
  • powerful search and reporting features
  • comprehensive contract process workflow with a full audit trail
  • real-time monitoring of spend history and compliance

To find out how your organization can join the high-performers, download this complimentary report today.

“Those enterprises that deem contract management a critical component of their overall procurement programs are the ones that avoid savings leakage, maintain legal and financial visibility, and ultimately drive more value to the greater organization.”  - The Rewards of Best-in-Class Contract Management, Page 2