Where Procurement is Underusing Automation

There are many areas of purchasing that can be automated while also maintaining control over the process.

Is technology holding procurement back, or is procurement holding technology back? To be at its most effective, procurement must be simple: automation can be a way to leverage technology to streamline processes and free up resources for strategic activities, or it can be another layer of complexity.

Smart leaders are asking what elements of purchasing they can automate and how they strike that balance of improving stakeholders’ experience while also maintaining control of the overall process. Looking ahead, there are many elements of purchasing that could be automated; some are successful, some as yet unsuccessful, and some remain untapped. Listen to this webinar replay to explore how procurement is progressively coming to grips with the power of technology to align better with key stakeholders.

You’ll discover:

  • Wins organizations have seen in automating processes and putting decision-making in the hands of users
  • Areas of technology that remain underused and why there are barriers to these tools
  • Strategies to integrate automation with the capabilities of your procurement function


  • Steve Hall, Director of Content & Community, Procurement Leaders
  • Ann Kildahl, Director Value Realization, SAP Ariba
  • Ruyi Li, Director, SCM Operations, CSC
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