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Maximize your ROI with SAP Ariba Integration

Unlock the full value of your SAP Ariba solutions by integrating them with your existing back-end solutions and ERP. SAP Ariba makes this simple by offering broad integration with all back-end systems and even deeper integration with SAP solutions, yielding powerful results.

Now you can achieve truly touchless transacting to drive significant savings and efficiency gains for your business. On a single, connected platform for managing all spend, you can easily analyze all global purchases to optimize procurement results. Count on your integration framework and solutions to be based on:

  • Choice Integration options that fit into your existing landscape

  • Open StandardsCommon technologies your IT team can use for connectivity and data exchange

  • SimplicityCloud apps that require no new hardware

  • Extensible Business Processes A rich portfolio of standard integrated business processes


SAP Ariba Solution Integration

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Mountain in the clouds

SAP Ariba’s solutions combine cloud-based applications with a community of partners and services such as analytics, financing, and ratings to help companies buy, sell, and manage their cash more efficiently and effectively. It's a very compelling platform for today's global environment.

Henry Ijams, Managing Director, PayStream Advisors

部分 SAP Ariba 解决方案目前在中国还无法提供给采购方。目前 SAP Ariba 解决方案面向中国采购方和供应商提供的并非其全部特性、功能和服务,且部分功能可能有所更改。SAP Ariba 解决方案在中国通过中国中数通信息有限公司向采购方进行销售。