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借助 SAP Ariba 的零星采购功能,简化和控制未寻源商品的采购流程

When it doesn’t make sense to source a one-off or emergency purchase, turn to SAP Ariba Spot Buy. This innovative capability of SAP Ariba Procurement solutions* provides:

  • 轻松、快速地从上千万种商品中找到和采购所需的商品
  • 从数百家预启用的供应商中找到可靠的货源
  • 控制交易流程,因为你可以根据自己的政策和程序定制该功能,之后你会收到详细的数据,来监控和核对交易

Here’s how it works:

  1. 查找:当用户在公司的产品目录中找不到所需商品时,搜索 SAP Ariba Spot Buy Catalog,按品类、品牌和价格筛选搜索结果。
  2. 审批:利用可配置的业务规则和零星采购特定的工作流,执行公司政策。
  3. 采购:采购申请获批后,触发结账、安全支付和发货流程。

SAP Ariba Spot Buy benefits suppliers, too.
It provides them with a sales channel through which they can not only boost sales to existing customers, but also generate new sales and gain additional market share by offering their goods when and where buyers need them.

If you are a supplier and you would like to find out more about SAP Ariba Spot Buy Catalog, click here.

* SAP Ariba 的零星采购功能尚未全球普及,只在部分地区推出。