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SAP Ariba 提供了支持直接支出管理的端到端数字化采购解决方案。通过与你的产品设计、研发、制造执行和交付等流程相集成,这些解决方案能够帮助你实现扩展供应链的数字化转型。

SAP Ariba Solutions for Direct Spend 能与你的 PLM 系统、ERP 系统和 SAP Integrated Business Planning 系统无缝集成,为你带来诸多业务优势,包括:

  • 加快产品的上市和量产速度:将产品研发和设计流程与寻源、采购和供应链管理流程相集成,加快创新速度。
  • 实施快速、准确的寻源:基于单一平台,为多级物料清单中列出的所有物料和服务寻找供应源,顺利过渡到批量生产。
  • 开展有效的供应商协作:尽早发现任何潜在的供应短缺问题。
  • 完善产品成本管理:确保所有采购订单都反映供应商协议,最大程度地减少合同损失,通过谈判节约成本。
  • 加强合规性:将供应商资审和寻源关联在一起,确保选择合格的供应商,降低供应链中断风险。
  • 全面洞察供应链:与多级供应商协作,管理非线性和外部供应链,降低库存水平,并提高订单履行率和团队工作效率。

Solutions for Direct Spend

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Supply Chain Collaboration Solutions

Share real-time information with all your direct spend suppliers, obtain their commits, and tap network-generated intelligence to achieve complete supply chain visibility.

Explore collaboration capabilities
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Strategic Sourcing Solutions

Discover qualified suppliers, speed up your sourcing cycles, and create the most competitive, best-value agreements for sustainable savings with all your sourcing needs.

See strategic sourcing portfolio
Process manufacturing benefits from SAP Ariba Solutions for direct spend
Solutions for Process Manufacturing

Digitally transform supply chain collaboration, supplier management, and strategic sourcing to optimize margins, batch and product quality, and inventory.

More for process manufacturers
A close up of industrial welding machines illustrating SAP Ariba solutions for direct spend to help discrete manufacturing
Solutions for Discrete Manufacturing

Build a digital, collaborative supply chain with the market-leading, combined expertise of SAP and Ariba.

More for discrete manufacturers
SAP Ariba solutions help consumer industries manage supply chains
Solutions for Consumer Industries

Digitally transform direct spend procurement and supply chain collaboration to accelerate innovation and time to market while reducing costs and optimizing inventory.

More for consumer industries

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Success Story: ITP Aero

“SAP Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration for Buyers has streamlined and simplified the way we work with our suppliers, making it easier for us all to do business.”

– Carlos Perez Barriocanal, Head of Management Information Systems, ITP Aero

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Build a resilient supply chain

Watch this webinar series on demand to see how SAP Ariba customers are building resilient supply chain infrastructures for collaboration.

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SAP Ariba Procurement

借助 SAP Ariba 解决方案,你能够控制采购流程的成本和风险。这些解决方案提供类似购物的简单体验,能够引导用户从合适的供应商那里采购正确的商品。


SAP Ariba Supplier Management

SAP Ariba Supplier Management 是支持你一站式管理供应商信息、生命周期、绩效和风险的端到端解决方案产品组合。


部分 SAP Ariba 解决方案目前在中国还无法提供给采购方。目前 SAP Ariba 解决方案面向中国采购方和供应商提供的并非其全部特性、功能和服务,且部分功能可能有所更改。SAP Ariba 解决方案在中国通过中国中数通信息有限公司向采购方进行销售。