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通过 Ariba Network 传输采购订单和发票时,需要的技术非常少。你只需要一台联网的设备,比如电脑或移动设备。

在 Ariba Network 上注册账户并填好资料后,你只需要打开你常用的浏览器,登录 SAP Ariba 就能开始进行交易。

  • If you transact frequently, integration is the way to go

    If you need to transact business with a lot of customers on Ariba Network, you’ll find it most efficient if you integrate your transaction processing systems with Ariba Network. It’s optional but will go a long toward helping you automate and streamline your business commerce transactions.

    Simply put, electronic integration is automatic, two-way communication between your business applications and your customer’s, via Ariba Network.

    When your systems are integrated with SAP Ariba:

    • Your customer’s purchase orders automatically appear in your order processing system
    • Your customer automatically receives a shipping notice when you send an order
    • Your accounts receivable system sends invoices automatically to your customer’s accounts payable system

    The benefits

    It’s easy to imagine the benefits your company can derive from transacting business this way.

    Communications are:

    • Faster
    • 45 to 65 percent more accurate
    • 60 to 75 percent less costly
    • More satisfying to your customers
    • More likely to help retain your customers

    And when communications are faster and more accurate, you can receive payment faster, too. Suppliers who are electronically integrated with Ariba Network enjoy, on average, a 15 to 20 percent reduction in days sales outstanding.

    There are other ways to connect with your customers — for example, by establishing a direct, one-to-one electronic connection. But when you’re electronically integrated with Ariba Network:

    • It’s much easier to connect with all the large buying organizations on Ariba Network
    • In the event of a dispute, both you and your customer can log in and view the same document at the same time
    • You can access testing and debugging tools to test your catalogs, PunchOut site, and more
    • You get support for all the transaction types you and your customers may need
  • Ways to integrate

    If your organization has direct-connect capability, SAP Ariba can help you integrate with Ariba Network using one of the following methods.


    Best option if…


    • High volume of transactions
    • Human readable data structure
    • Not already integrated
    • Existing integration capability


    • High volume of transactions
    • Existing EDI infrastructure


    • Invoices only
    • High volume of transactions
    • Lack of infrastructure for cXML/EDI
    • Requires manual effort to upload to Ariba Network

    Presentation: What Is cXML Business Integration

    Learn about cXML business integration in this short presentation. See presentation

More Supplier Support

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面向供应商的 Ariba Network

Ariba Network 不仅仅是一个供应商网络,还是一个充满活力的数字化市场,能帮助你高效地管理销售周期,优化现金流,并实现业务增长。

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登录 Ariba Network 账号之后,你就能即时访问帮助中心。在帮助中心,你可以提出问题、查找教程,并与专家和同行开展协作。

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